Warm Face,Warm Hands, Warm Feet

I have written before about snugness and cosiness, I crave both. I can’t get it in Okinawa, they just don’t sell it.

West Highland winters are long, wet, cold and dark. For thousands of years my ancestors hunched around peat fires, wrapped in wool plaids as the rain pounded on the turf roof and the westerly gales howled around the walls of whatever cabin they had been able to erect. No point going outside as there is nothing to do anyway. The fields are waterlogged and the beasts that have survived the autumn slaughter are snuggling around the peat fire too.

A need to return to this semi hibernation is strong in me. So thanks ancient Gods for the cold, wet, windy weather that has enveloped San Francisco.


I lie on my sofa in front of the wonderful gas fire for days. I read excellent novels and plan routes around Mexico. It is so cosy, so snug, I am so happy.

Cast iron.

I occasionally go for a breath of fresh air.

New sailing jacket.
Squid tempura, potato salad, avocado. Not very West Highland.

I used to work with Brad at SLAC. He rightly chucked in the Science Communication stuff for a real job. He now makes vodka, gin and absinthe.

I want one.

Buy as much Farallon Gin, Vodka or Absinthe as you can afford. It is an investment.

Wonderful stuff

Before the Scottish weather arrived, we were blessed with sun and warmth. The Panhandle Park, just across the road, was full of activity.

Such an interesting place to live

Soon be Christmas! What to eat?

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3 Responses to Warm Face,Warm Hands, Warm Feet

  1. Bill P says:

    Looks like a Generation penny-whistle; maybe in “D”, on your couch.

  2. Sharp eyes! B flat. You can also see my flute box on the left of the fire.
    Compliments of the season. Do we know each other?

    • Bill P says:

      I’ve commented before. I’m a Scaffie sailor. Used to play quite a bit of Irish/Scottish/Cape Breton music. Not so much since my music buddies started dying off. I still have a couple of flutes and a handful of whistles, guitars, etc..

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