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Are There Any Weapons in the Vehicle? Guns? Knives?

James does nearly all the driving. We pass through remote, remote settlements  with populations of a few hundreds. We cross over into Nevada and start the drive of a lifetime down Highway 447. The weather is cold and the visibility is … Continue reading

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Hey Swede, Burn Me a Thick One!

We have 3 motorcycles and a scooter but if that was not enough manliness we now borrow Topher truck. We need it as James and I are headed upcountry to check out migrating geese and spot Bald-Headed Eagles. The idea is … Continue reading

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So, where the boys ,and occasionally I, live in San Francisco is 2 blocks over from Haight Street. It is where we go for food,drink, shoe repair and stuff. Haight of course gained fame in the late 60’s as the … Continue reading

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Ben’s Bikes

So, Ben like James has two motorcycles. Well, in fact he has one scooter and one motorcycle – both are Yamahas. The scooter is a 125 automatic clutch deal whereby you twist the throttle and off she goes. I used … Continue reading

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