Random, lighthearted reflections on living in Okinawa without  the ability to speak, read or write a word of Japanese.

8 Responses to About

  1. Zandra McGillivray says:

    And there I was thinking you’d been disappeared in Okinawa…but no, you’d just migrated to a different blog WITHOUT TELLING ME! Hrrrr. xxx

  2. Peter Fisher says:

    Great post! I wish I was there. Or at least not here. I don’t know.

  3. gritsnsushi says:

    What a great blog! Stumbled onto it accidentally and am enjoying your musings.

  4. Emily says:

    Your blog is beautiful, although I could do with a few less references to sea snakes.

  5. alan tomita says:

    notice you have a trailer hooked to your k-truck. for your sail boat? total weight? what are the laws of trailering in japan? will be using a jetski or small rib to fish from. we will be retiring to Okinawa within the next few years and the area you picture is perfect. is it onna?

  6. Jerry Fullerton KD6JBL says:

    I have a Tacoma, my second Toyota truck the first one a 96 Pre Runner. One month ago I to purchased a FWC, 2014 Fleet, and had lock nuts added to the turn buckle for insurance against loosing. I like the idea of adding chains to the tie down I bolts. Somewhere in your travels you mention your furnace failed but you never said why. I would be interested in how you fixed the problem! Pic of my rig below. I wonder around Southern California much as you do and one of my favorite “sand boxes” to camp is off 395 from Ridgecrest to Bishop. I knew Mike and Jody of Cerro Gordo many years before their passing. Our paths may yet cross someday. I might suggest getting a Ham Radio license for the back country when cell phones fail you. Email me if you like for more information.

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