So let’s start with some food and some confusion.  One of the problems related to writing about restaurants is going to be that I have no idea of what the name of the restaurant might be nor the name of the dish nor indeed where the restaurant is.

So I go to a restaurant which is South of where I work and North of where I will eventually be living but I don’t, suppose that helps you very much.

So this is it. Anyone recognize it?

The interior is divided into two sections. One section has Tatami mat flooring and low tables at which you squat, kneel,  or adopt a position that does not give cramp. The second has tables and chairs. Even after all the yoga and exercise I did in San Francisco, I do not have the confidence to hit the mat so I sheepishly head for a table.

Looking into the area of loose joints

Luckily there are pictures on the menu, one of which is of a black bowl full of black liquid. I wait and wait and the servers seem to be ignoring me. I finally harumph a little and  a lady immediately arrives. I have the impression that she is relieved that I have made up my mind at last and that she has been hanging around waiting, it being bad form to come to the table and ask what I want. However as with many things on Okinawa my interpretation could be very flawed.

The black liquid in the black bowl turns out to be squid soup. It is delicious: thick black fish stock with lumps of squid, onion and green vegetable of the cabbage family.

Black soup comes with rice, pickled radish I think and some salad er stuff

I also order Sashimi because I know what it is. It arrives looking regal on a bed of grated radish sitting on a lump of ice. Things start to go odd now. I am looking for the wasabi, which I fail to spot on the edge of the plate. There is a container thing on the table that I take to be the wasabi box. It has a white release button on top but even with repeated pressing the box does not open. I put it down just as the serving lady arrives and bows, looking inquisitive. I say very good, yum, yum and after a while she leaves. The sashimi is  squid, octopus and 3 different fish. Big juicy fresh chunks of raw seafood.

Really good

Wasabi box

Some wasabi  would be nice and I struggle again to get into the box. The serving lady again shows up, bows and hangs around for a slightly uncomfortable time. She speaks but alack I can only grin and rub my stomach. All goes well as I enjoy an excellent meal. I try again to get some wasabi from the box and again the lady shows but this time she looks vaguely exercized.

The meal with a little seaweed starter and lots of green tea came to 1400 yen – $ 17? Not cheap compared to Irving St,  San Francisco but well worth it. I thoroughly recommend the er, um restaurant in er, um.

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