Ah, March! we know thou art kind-hearted, spite of ugly looks and threats,

I have to have a car to get around and go to work and that kind of thing.  Hmmmm, Okinawa is really not very big, the roads are narrow and the standard speed limit is 50 kph! Do I really need a Range Rover? Perhaps not. After much help I secure a second hand Nissan March, which I believe is called a Micra in the rest of the world. It’s colour can only be described as ‘Pig’s Liver’ but she is very clean and seems to start reliably.

Perfect for those hip, single type, city dwelling, label-wearing females

This really is a small car but I think she will suit me just fine as she does not appear to use any gas at all. The dealer is a nice guy and is letting me have her on the promise that I will pay in 2 months time. I have an er, sorta, cash flow bottleneck.

Less is more

Driving reminds me of bumper cars at the fairground. She is automatic so you just push the pedal and of she goes- zoom, zoom- the you press the brake and she slows down- unzoom, unzoom. That’s about it.

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