An er restaurant

After another visit to the dentist,which is how I spend my Saturdays on Okinawa at the moment, I have lunch in an adjacent restaurant. I point at a picture on the menu. It looks like pork ramen and so it turns out to be. Noodles, slice of pork, bamboo shoot, obligatory seaweed and shredded spring onion all swimming in very delicious pork broth.

Life expectancy on Okinawa is amongst the highest in the world. Anything less than a century is regarded as a tragically short life.  I put this down to eating lots of pork. You can get chicken and there is a token gesture towards beef in the supermarkets but pork is king. The pork broth that I am currently slurping out of a quaint artisanal-spoony-ladle- device is new to me. Do we do pork broth in Europe or US?  Maybe I can make a million bucks marketing it as the elixir of youth.

Go for the ton

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