What Are These Things?

One of the joys of living in a more or less totally foreign culture is new vegetables. You know, there are carrots and potatoes and leeks and cabbage and spinach and brussel sprouts and turnips and onions and broccoli and stuff. Here these things are exotic and there are racks of stuff I have never seen before. Huge white radishes, weirdo spinach, roots and tubers of every shape and size, purple potatoes, growths with holes in them – what are these things? What do they taste like? I have crossed the Rubicon. I have bought bizarre tubers. “Alea jacta est.”

I'm Mandy. Fly me

So, they are woody and hard. With a lot of cooking they soften up  revealing a chestnut-like flavor and texture. Very nice. I wonder what they are?

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3 Responses to What Are These Things?

  1. JoAnne says:

    Your food posts are not enticing me to come visit (except for the Starbucks).

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