My Father’s Wallet

Japan is a cash society. I do not own a credit card. I do have an ATM card but it can only be used for getting cash out of the machine. You can’t actually pay for anything with it.

ATMs are the most important invention of my lifetime. I remember having to calculate how much foreign currency I would need before trips abroad,  going to the bank to get travellers’ cheques and messing about trying to get reluctant foreigners to change them. The calculation of how much money I would need was always wrong. Now in the wildest reaches of the world you slip a piece of plastic into a slot and money comes winging from your bank at the speed of light.

Anyway, I don’t know how but I have inherited my Father’s wallet. I find it charming as it is totally inappropriate for modern US or European usage. There is nowhere to put credit cards and other plastic. In Okinawa that is no problem cos you don’t need any plastic – just cash.

Ancient and Modern

It is made from calfskin, has a little pocket for stamps,  is very slim and is probably 40 years old. I feel good using it.  It does not create a pacemaker-type lump in my jackets.

Brief Encounter

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