I stare at it for hours

Where I work, er, basically people work longer than I do. They stay at their desks until 9:00, 10:00 night after night. I do not admire this but it unfortunately grows on you. I feel guilty going home before any of the people I am supervisor, er, of.  So I leave work quite late. But just to prove that every cloud has  a silver lining, when I stop by the fish shop that is one my way home I find, by experimentation rather than language, than food is half price after a certain time. I do not know at what time the phase transition takes place but it is before I get there.

Sorry to keep writing about food

Tonight I  get, two scallops in a cream sauce, deep fried squid, a crab and believe or not some meat in the form of a chicken leg. A couple of days ago I got a lobster. Tonight’s lot cost 700 yen. Worth staying at work for.

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