Sunday Morning

I like to go for a ride on my bike on Sunday morning. Nothing too athletic but a gentle snoop around the region that hopefully includes eating fish and some discoveries. It is a beautiful day. I head off behind my home and soon stumble upon a bakery. It is nestled in  a little valley and serves meals and bakes bread. What it is called is beyond my abilities to inform you.

Okinawa's gentle ways grow on you.

The kindest people. Spot the Le Creuset.

Notice hand stamped brown paper bag and cellophane tied up with string.

The owners keep a donkey.

Nice ears

Off towards the sea through fields of sugar cane.

Just a little beach with a breakwater

Trapped in an irresistible vortex I spin towards the fishing harbor and en route pass a little shrine.

Rice, salt, money, maybe awamori and an ancient stone

I get to the harbor.

Look at the water

Very clear

Let’s buy some fish and maybe have lunch.

Assorted sashimi, plump fish of unknown name, seaweed and fish on rice accompanied by sashimi and perfect fish broth. The meal is 500 yen.

My favorite restaurant. I wonder what all the signs say?

Stop off at a shop that sells fisherman’s trousers in amazing colors. I buy some blue ones and a wooden flower.


Trousers and flowers

Flower assembled

These are handmade and painted flowers from Indonesia. Ludicrously cheap

Good way to spend the morning.

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1 Response to Sunday Morning

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    We’ve seen the flowers, so now how about you cat-walking those smart new blue fisherman’s trousers ?

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