When the waves are too high, And the sea is too rough

Saturday – it is all planned, we go by boat to the Kerama Islands, about an hour sail from Okinawa, to do 3 dives. The  reef around the isles churn with turtle and other monsters of the deep, silver beaches, swaying palms, bright blues and  turquoise. Hmmm not to be. Saturday morning I awake to driving rain and howling wind. I go to the port anyway and there is Jan with other divers loading up the boat. It is early morning, there is a strong lack of enthusiasm. However off we go  into the waves. Slam crash bang slam bang crash splash, wham kapow we glide on towards our tropical paradise. Spray breaks over the bows while the boat pitches and wallows. We remain very gritty with no one  suggesting that maybe this isn’t the right day to go diving. Two young Chinese women are especially gritty, grinning and joking to keep our spirits up.

Sea always looks calmer in photos

The further we go the worse it gets. “Turn the helm Mr Helmsman, lee ho!” cries the Captain. “Hooray!”  cry the passengers.

Hooray no diving! Man on right is so happy he needs the toilet.

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1 Response to When the waves are too high, And the sea is too rough

  1. Jan says:

    I’m always enthusiastic. Don’t get it wrong there! 😉

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