Et In Arcadia Ego

So one downside of life in the tropics is mold. The rainy season has come and with it the mold. I open my cupboard to take out a jacket and lo it is covered with white fungus. How did that get there?

“Like all fungi, molds derive energy not through photosynthesis but from the organic matter in which they live.”  Well Okinawan mold seems to have a taste for my blue jackets – my belts and especially my old Stetson hat.

Took it down from a shelf and this is what I found

Straight from the closet

So with the rains came the first Typhoon. Great excitement and anticipation but unfortunately is flagged a bit before reaching Okinawa and was downgraded to a run of the mill Tropical Storm. Pretty windy all the same and not good for my balcony plants.

Barograph records tropical storm and winds down in the middle of it.

Apparently the way to banish mold is to leave the AC on all the time. This offends my tightfistedness and overall energy conscientiousness. I also like the Conradian image of whitey in baking humid tropics with strange howls of monkeys and hoots of toucans hunched over his desk with glass of warm gin as the mold grows ever thicker on his clothes.

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1 Response to Et In Arcadia Ego

  1. Jan says:

    We have the same problems, everyone here has them. I don’t like to run my AC all the time so you can wipe you had with a bleach glove or alcohol. I find this is doing the job.

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