Big typhoon on its way. Hooray! Will I be tested like MacWhirr?

“Captain MacWhirr had sailed over the surface of the oceans as some men go skimming over the years of existence to sink gently into a placid grave, ignorant of life to the last, without ever having been made to see all it may contain of perfidy, of violence, and of terror. There are on sea and land such men thus fortunate — or thus disdained by destiny or by the sea”

Is this me?


“The sea  had the surface and the shimmer of an undulating piece of gray silk. The sun, pale and without rays, poured down leaden heat in a strangely indecisive light, and the Chinamen were lying prostrate about the decks.”

Calm before the er um I mean

On its way

Stay tuned

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3 Responses to Typhoonitis

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Typhoon: J.T.K. Korzeniowski

  2. The whited selpulchre

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