A Sunday Walk

Sunday after lunch is time to go for a walk. Not the overcoat the umbrella, the wellington boots but the tank of air, the fins, the mask.

I walk out to where the dark blue line is.

Just a couple of minutes from the apartment I have located a secret beach. Actually there are thousand of little beaches like this but this one has much proximity.

Mine all mine

So if I wander out from this beach – how much wandering and how much swimming depending on the tide- I come to this.

OK Coral

In this there are many many beautiful fish.


Not deep

Truly amazing

So you get the idea. There huge clumps of coral, beautiful reefs and constantly changing underwater  life that my puny camera can in no way capture. It is all so easy.

I mentioned in a previous entry that one of my first recollections was a ferry trip from Campbeltown to Greenock. I can vividly remember the excitement. Sister Rosie sent me a photo of that trip.

I am still troubled

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1 Response to A Sunday Walk

  1. Alf says:

    Isn’t it great how far we’ve come.

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