Follow The Yellow Brick Road

So I am now an advanced life form having completed the final test for my Advanced Open Water Diver qualification. This evolutionary leap takes place at Sunabe, where you move from Gas Station forecourt to incredible soft coral reef in 20 metres, from convenience store to sea snake in a blink of the eye. Jan the man guides me through compass diving, which is pretty straightforward if you can do mental arithmetic. – I can’t.

I don't like Sponge Cake

Sunabe is distinguished for its incredible growth of soft coral, which resemble permanent firework displays er under water.


I cannot think of a word in english that means float downward but this is what I do on a  60 ft pyramid of soft coral. As I study the ever-changing flora and fauna I cast my eye to the left to distinctly hear  a large purple- jawed Moray eel say, “Youse looking at me or chewing a brick?”  I float upwards.


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4 Responses to Follow The Yellow Brick Road

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Try “glide” Mr Meek. Floating is something you can’t do “down” anyway.

  2. Love this post. Neil, be in touch – Peter

  3. Thanks Peter.
    I will come and touch you.

  4. Alan says:

    Sink? Drop?

    Lucky sod! Good on you, bro!

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