Get back your ‘oo’ with Typhoo

Sorry for long silence but we have just been through one big Typhoon, which amongst other stuff cut the internet connection for several days. This was a schoolboy dream as at 11:30 0n Thursday there was an announcement at work telling us all to go home as the typhoon was a coming.  We go back tomorrow – Monday.  Amazing rain, check:

Incredible wind, check Ben’s movie for full insight. Standing out in that wind was like riding a motorbike at 120 mph – watch the fat wobble:

Destroyed my garden

Devastated garden

Okinawa is the best place to own a barograph. After 30 years of around and around you get this.

Way down low in the 960s. Never ever saw anything below 990 in 30 years of europe and California.

More about MacWhirr :

“Had he been informed by an indisputable authority that the end of the world was to be finally accomplished by a catastrophic disturbance of the atmosphere, he would have assimilated the information under the simple idea of dirty weather, and no other, because he had no experience of cataclysms, and belief does not necessarily imply comprehension.”

Don’t you love Conrad

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