Ninja Turtles


3 dives. This really is it. My fantasy of what scuba diving is, happens in the seas around er T????????????. Ben and I are picked up by a pick-up and off to the port. H???????? and G??????????? are our guides. We hammer off in the boat which is of a design peculiar to Japan. High prow, very narrow and very long.

A life on the ocean wave! A home on the rolling deep! Where the scattered waters rave, and the winds their revels keep!

Down we go into the gin clarity water. Above, the sun is shining, the sea is speckled with islets with arches and bizarre shaped rocks. Below, the sea is a Paisley  design of brilliant fish and coral.  It is of course perfectly warm. Every fish you have seen in tropical fish stores or in aquaria infancy hotels are here. At one point a turtle swims up to us and just hangs out. Er I mean, like um kinda, you know.


The last dive of the day is around a pillar of rock a long way out. Different from anything I have done. Strong currents, big fish , more turtles, vodka water, goes very deep, slabs of rock, tuna flash by.


Why are fish in Scotland all silver whereas fish here come in every possible colour and every possible combination of colours?

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