Cloven Feet

It has been quite fun observing the hurricane excitement on the east coast of the US. I feel vaguely superior in the condescending European  “Oh yes, so I heard ” tradition. Ours are of course much better.

The last one completely devastated my poor little garden. The aubergine, peppers, beans, flowers, radish and Daikon were simply blasted away. Only the local speciality, Benni Imo, has flourished.

Anything green is Benni Imo er except the little onions I put in yesterday.

However there has been progress. After weeks of tramping orange, clayey earth into my car and apartment, I bought myself some Japanese gardening shoes. They are wonderful. They have semi fetishist clasps up the side, a separation between  the big toes and the others, giving me cloven feet.

Why does the Pope wear a dress?

I wonder why they are made like that? However I think they must be the germ of the great Japanese  cartoon monster tradition. Bored farmers looking at their feet and rushing off to become millionaire graphic artists.

In the shop and out of focus

Mine are very tight and I am lucky to find a pair that I can actually squeeze into. I like wearing them.

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3 Responses to Cloven Feet

  1. ZedMac says:

    FANTASTIC! I WANT SOME TOOO… D’you think I can buy them online?

  2. I doubt it but I can send you a pair. Whta size?

  3. Mike Taylor says:

    This is worrying, they remind me of camel toes, only lower down than usual.

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