Full Service

In California, some of the Gas Stations posted the intriguing sign “Full Service,”  a proposition that seemed more suited to a massage parlour than a garage. What it means is that someone else pumps the gas for you and for this you pay a bit more. Full service harks back to a golden era of courtesy and service – as long as you had the money.

Mantan regularu kudesai

On Okinawa nearly all the gas stations are Full Service, which is great because trying to work out how to use a self service pump with instructions in Kanji is a humbling experience. You drive into the forecourt and the uniformed attendants immediately cry welcomes and guide you to the best spot.

Workin' in the fillin' station - too many tasks. Wipe the windows - check the tires - check the oil - dollar Gas!

It’s all smiles and wiping the windscreen  and if you want they will wash and vacuum the car, take out the trash, check all the fluid levels. When it is all over the attendants bow, shout ancient thank you formulae and wave bye bye. Better than a massage parlour.

Watashi wa gasorinsutando ga sukidesu

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