Oooo-ooo-wee! Wild night is calling.

So off I go to Naha  as the band is playing in yet another festival. Okinawa is alive with music and the Islanders are de rigeur at any self respecting event. Naha is the main city of Okinawa and  a population of 700K means that half of the people of Okinawa live there. It is an Asian city, very high density, lots of activity. It frightens me as I always get lost  and can never find anywhere to park. However little by little I am begining to find my way around or so I thought.

I park my car in an amazing place. It is a high rise building that essentially contains two car elevators. You drive your car into the elevator and get out. The doors close and your ride is whisked up into the upper reaches of the building. Note that your car faces the front of the elevator when you drive it in.

I wander around a little before we play.

She played Bach on my flute.

Amazing traditional punk rock vocalists playing in the street.

And I went down to the demonstration To get my fair share of abuse Singing, "We're gonna vent our frustration If we don't we're gonna blow a 50-amp fuse

We play.

We play diddley diddley diddley

We eat.


We play with Iphones.

Tommy, Yosuke and Maho

I then try to find my car. Not good. It is now dark. All the streets  and buildings look identical. I roam around the center of Naha for 20 minutes getting more confused and a little panicky. I do have a card from the parking place and to my delight a passer by understands as I show her the card and blurt,”Sumimasen, Parking dokko desuka?” I speak Japanese!

With typical kindness she escorts a strange man, late at night, to his car.

The attendant presses the button, the elevator heaves in to action and when the doors open my car is facing in the opposite direction from that  in which I parked it. I am too tired to work out how.





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