Lo, He Abhors Not The Virgin’s Womb

This is a line from the most high church of carols, Adeste Fideles or less pretentiously Oh Come All You Faithful. I have been singing since I was ~ six. I still don’t really know what it means but I think it is something to do with the Incarnation. It also sounded vaguely sexual at the age of 10 in freezing churches in Britain at Christmas time. Anyway it is Christmas time again but Christmas time in Okinawa.

This is December from the terrace.

Cantet nunc aula caelestium

5 minutes later. Gestant puellae viscera;

Verbum caro factum!

It is a perfect drying day, windy and bright so I do a lot of Xmas cleaning. I have always enjoyed washing woollen sweaters. Somehow I have become obsessive about this process. The drying of wool sweaters should be done of bright windy days preferably on a specially designed drying rack which I remember seeing in my youth in Scotland.

Aye, would you put a sheep in a dryer? Nay, abhor it!

Drying machines must be abhorred, unlike the Virgin’s womb. I also wash all duvet covers and sheets. I have always hated putting duvet covers back on duvets. I had no technique.

One more proof that Google has bought more joy to the world than any other invention is this site.


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