You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards..

An interesting Japanese behavior pattern is backing into parking spaces. Everyone does it. Arriving at work in the morning, there is usually a small line of cars waiting to park. The cars however do not swing into the space but swing away from it, blocking the thoroughfare and then diligently reverse into the parking space.  I wonder where this parking culture comes from? Is it part of the Japanese highway code? Is it to ensure a quick getaway? Is it part of some deeper Shinto respect for the parking space? Any suggestions welcomed.

“If, like a crab, he could go backward”.

The above is just a prelude to a panegyric to the dive shop where I get my air. This is a family affair which is called originally”Diving Shop in Okinawa.”  Something about them appeals to me. I suppose the main thing is they are always pleased to see me and make my life very easy.  This is no mean feat  as they speak no English and my Japanese is still limited to asking where the toilet is and expressing my admiration of gas stations. Actually that is not quite true. I can say, as was the case this morning, ” Hai!!! rokko tanku onegaishimasu.”


The lady who runs the place has I think four kids under probably 6 years old, who are running in and out all the time grinning and smiling. There is the baby, who arrived in the Summer, either in her arms or in a cot in the front of the shop. Rather than the tired, worn down mother persona, she looks overjoyed by her children and life in general. I take my hat off to her.

My hero loading tanks into my car

Two sons arrive tomorrow and if the weather is reasonably clement we can do a lot of diving. Need tanks.

Vie morte avec bouteilles

Go here for your diving needs

Pacific Golden-Plover


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