Strange Day

So, the weather turns bad and we can no longer go diving. We decide to set off on an excursion to the North of Okinawa to visit the famous aquarium.

The day started unexpectedly with some kind of attack on Yomitan just as we were leaving. We were in a hurry so could not hang around to find out exactly what was going on.

We drove up to the Churaumi Aquarium but things do not change. James and Ben could never be in a car together without squabbling. There was a very unfortunate incident on the way up when Ben was messing around in the back and James, well, over-reacted.

The aquarium in great, if  a little diminished by the fact that we have been swimming around in the same milieu for the last three days.

Blue ray

Are you looking at me or chewing a brick?

'Cos either way you'll loose your teeth

Just as we were leaving there was another unexpected event

We then went to visit ancient castle. It is very old.

Luckily no accidents

On the way home we unfortunately got into a terrible car crash.

Pretty weird day all in all.

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1 Response to Strange Day

  1. Alf says:

    Have you been playing too many video games both your boys? 😉

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