Birthday Boy Ben

It is Ben’s birthday!

He gets shoes, a Cotterless Crank Extractor and, wait for it, a Bottom Bracket Installation Tool!

The shoes are cool.

Boogle loo

Looking for something different to give your loved one? Try a Cotterless Crank Extractor

Happy Birthday Ben!

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2 Responses to Birthday Boy Ben

  1. ZedMac says:

    HAPPY HOPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!! Were you very, very pleased with your Cotterless Crank Extractor? Was it what you had always, always wanted?? Hugs from me, Sandy and Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ian Calder says:

    – Errm, a bit worried about the shoes – will not the endemic Calder foot rot destroy them utterly? Normal shoes are to some extent away from the scene of strife, but those look like the material would have it’s feet held to the fire. Just a thought. Very fine crank extractor though.

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