Licensed to Drive

So, I have to have a Japanese driving license. This seems fair enough seeing as I live in Japan. I go to the Okinawan version of the DMV in Naha. Brand new building of remarkable cleanessity.

Next to Godliness

My papers are checked and I have got it all right. I wait for a while before my papers are handed back with a smile. A carefully taken photo before which the lady minutely  rearranges my collar so I look my best.

I then have an eye test  and they still work.

Notice the space between people as we wait for eye test.

Next comes a 45 minute lecture that I do not understand but know to be a quick run through the Highway Code. This is a  typically, but delightfully, childish document full of cartoons.

Drive slowly

Draw your own conclusions

At the end of the talk our names are called out and we are presented with a brand new driving license. What a feeling of pride as I am handed mine. At last I have


achieved something in this vale of tears.

I now have 4 driving licenses.

The British one dates from 1970



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