Hello Naha

After a night of Free Drink, I get up early and after a standard breakfast set off into the morning streets of Naha.

Miso soup , rice and stuff

The main drag in Naha is Kokusai Street. It is not very interesting as 70% of the shops sell exactly the same tourist stuff. Or so I thought.

Good for drinking Awamori from

My  long stroll has led to a reassessment of downtown Naha. Sure enough, there is a lot of tourist merchandise but there is more.


There is the Makishi public Market which has the most spectacular fish stalls I have ever seen.

I buy some goat.

Je suis tendre

Do you think she likes me?

The market is enhanced by a sticker by the world famous street artist CCTV.

I wuz here

I write a blog at Starbucks.


I watch dogs.


I find some Giants fans.


Take me out to the ball game

I find the best wines in the world in a supermarket.

They are fakes. Empty bottles disguised

I find some old houses. This may not sound like too big a deal but remember that the battle of Okinawa left the island  a “vast field of mud, lead, decay, and maggots.”

I go home and have lunch.

You have to love Okinawa

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