Dancing in the Street

So, today is a very springlike day. After weeks of  general grey and weather that is best described as Argyll August, the sun has returned, spreading blue all over the sea.

Noon today

This one bit me

I go diving with my new mask with prescription lenses. I can see. It makes an amazing difference as previously I could only guess and fear what was out there whereas I can now gaze  stout Cortez-like with wild surmise.  Thanks James.

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1 Response to Dancing in the Street

  1. Alan says:

    Makes all the difference, especially when you can’t clearly see much beyond your outstretched arm. Also found them useful for cycling in the rain.

    Might also be good if you have to chop a lot of onions, go on demonstrations where tear gas is likely to be about and for amateur bank robbery.

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