March 17 is St Patrick’s Day. This is a festival that never really swum into my ken until I went to California. There it is big time with green beer, green grass, green whatever. The American influence has made it also relatively big time in Okinawa. Do they celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Ireland?

Brought here from Brazil by Okinawan diaspora

The Islanders – Okinawa’s best Irish Traditional Band – are playing. I set off and pass many beautiful trees covered with OTT yellow flowers. My learned sister informs me that they are Silver Trumpet Trees.

The sun is setting. It is a very soft evening. I stop to watch.

Stringed instruments, perfumes,
winecups, lips, long hairs, eyes - mere toys
that are destroyed by time, toys! Frugality, loneliness,
labour, meditation, prayer and renunciation,
ash that time will blow away,
mere ash!

It really was a spectacular sunset.

We then play from 8:00 to 2:00.  

What fun! These Okinawans really go for it.

Hooray for early christian saints

Let me introduce to you

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