Tuna and Chips

I have noticed an interesting dietary evolution over the last few months. I now eat tuna and rice at least 2 times maybe 3 times a week. It is delicious and cheap. Tuna is very cheap here – you can get a man/woman sized slab of same day swimming around for 350 yen.

This is deep red sort of tuna of which there are many er sorts

I usually slice off a few er slices for sashimi and soak them in soy sauce and wasabi.

Mushy peas

In the meantime I have put rice into the rice cooker. Rice is totally delicious here. It has a base cleanliness and whiteness that is a pleasure to eat other stuff from on top off. It also comes in cool bags.

Rice bags and a cardboard box of awamori

When the rice is ready I cook the tuna in beurre noire and lemon juice for about 3 minutes in a heavy iron dutch oven thing.

Eat me punk

I usually have a salad.

Vegetables ain't food. Vegetables is what food eats.

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