Speed Art

Ueno Park also has art galleries. I went to the Museum of Western Art and did the whole thing in 25 minutes. I like to maximize pleasure by compacting looking at amazing stuff worth billions into a very short time. I glug rather than sip.

Gates of Hell by Rodin
He must have sold a fake to Stanford

A room of Monets - A bloat of hippos

I don't like sponge cake

I find it a great metric of how nice living now is that anybody can wander around rooms where priceless masterpieces are hanging on the walls.

A deceit of lapwings

It is an excellent collection covering essentially European art from 14th to 20th centuries. The place is almost empty – I suppose all the art lovers are outside drinking sake under the cherry trees.

There is also a special exhibition of some French guy called Hubert Robert of whom I have never heard. I do his bit in a record-breaking 6mins 27 secs.

Who he?

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