I Take It Back part 2

As those of you who know me will testify, it only takes a couple of minutes of conversation before I start ranting about how awful France is. Well, I take it back, again.


I am in France and it is great. Fantastic weather, blossom, everything works, little Citroen that I would like to keep, I sell the house, fix bank stuff, fix tax stuff, generally get a lot done, meet old friends, eat eurofood and just look at stuff.

France is a wonderful place to visit.

Uses no gas

I hope I have grand daughters

Sunday Lunch


en Provence

Rians at 7:00 am

Partridge or Perdrix - never saw one in the 2 years I lived there!

Quelle classe!


Thanks Amelie!

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3 Responses to I Take It Back part 2

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    You’re doing that silly Asian teenage girl V-sign again, ironically I trust.

    • Alan says:

      Is Amelie an example of the webchicks you spoke of elsewhere or did she sell the house for you? On the latter – Congratulations, you’ve become a free man!
      Rians looks nice in the sun, are the food pictures from there also?

  2. Philip says:

    Passing for a few days in fact … if you have a few minutes for coffee, although I’m less attractive than a pretty girl, I’d be very happy.
    Otherwise, see you soon on the web …

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