St Dude Arthaud

So I spend a perfect Sunday in the home of the McGillivrays. They have a chateau called Sothonod. The mighty St Dude Arthaud was born here in 1101.

Built a long time ago

St Dude Arthaud

He was born in this room, so they say.

It is a wonderful house packed with curios.

Killer Whale

The kitchen

We eat like Saints. We are beatified by booze.

The Feast of St Arthaud

Go crazy with the Cheez Whiz

We go for a walk.

A constitutional

Zandra is a potter or er a ceramicist check out her web site: genial

Suddenly it is supper time.

Madame Butterfly

My postilion has been struck by lightning

Thank you McGillivrays

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2 Responses to St Dude Arthaud

  1. ben says:

    Hey hey you guys are looking good, good to see. hope you have not touch that one weird room filled with little shoes. such a peculiar room.
    and the lightweight what did you guys do with it?

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