Shaken but not Stirred

I dive into the underwater tunnel to finally grasp the magic chip that will prevent Dr Kitatanakagusuku from destroying the visible universe. As my fingers tighten I am blinded by a lashing jet of high pressure oxygen bubbles. ” Bother, my air tube has been slashed by a killer ninja working for Kitatanakagusuku Inc.”. Is this the end of the world as we know it?

We both come from Scotland

Well, no actually but it was quite impressive. Going through a tunnel thing my secondary air supply must have snagged and the end thing was pulled off allowing all the air to gush out of my tank. The endless tube, er, the tube with the end pulled off, lashed around filling the tunnel with a blur of bubbles. Anyway I went out of the tunnel, thence to the surface and home for a nice cup of tea.

Tube in one hand, thing to breathe through in the other

Lesson: attach your secondary mouth piece thing to your BCD rather than letting it trail behind you.

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