Oh I do like to be beside the seaside


It is a beautiful day. This is it. This the tropics. I take Big Red down to my favorite little beach that is exactly 7 minutes from my apartment.

The tide is like far out

Is there any more pleasurable pastime than ferreting around hundreds of rock pools?

My beach. Big cave at the back.

I am trying to take it easy as I feel a little exhausted following very busy week following the colon operation. I watch beach life.

Beach butterfly

There are hermit crabs scuttling around everywhere

Happy crab

I decide to go snorkeling. Snorkeling in many way is just as much fun as scuba diving. Obviously you can not hang around under water but you can cruise around on the surface without all the paraphenalia. Lots to see.

4 feet of water


These Xmas tree things are er, sort of animals. You get too close and they zip back into the coral.

I come out of the sea and spend a delightful hour exploring the rock pools.


Loads of hermit crabs crawling around

Time for a snooze

I settle on my towel and listen to This American Life on my iPhone. About 30 seconds later I am asleep.

This is really good.

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