Marriage a la Mode

I have come from Okinawa to celebrate the marriage of Kathleen, my niece, to Jonathan, no relation. We foregather at the Registry Office  to mark the wedding. Very jolly if a little lacking in hymns.

Kathleen the beautiful bride

They sign


Thence to Springbank, the home of my sister, named after the distillery near which we were born.

We the embark on another classic wedding reception. Check previous post on a similar wedding just a year ago.

We start with champagne and nibble things. It is early in the day and so much champagne is dangerous.

Drink this now!

Eat now!

All three of my sons are here and I feel wonderful. They are all suddenly very good-looking.

Jeremy thirty er, James twenty er, Auntie Margie 91, Ben twenty er

We take souvenir photos and then into the marquee for food, speeches and general fun.


All the family are here, something that has not happened for several years. Mummy and Auntie Margie are around 90.

Mummy sings with the harpist.

My sister, brothers and I are in our 60’s. Our children range for 40ish to mid-20s. At last there are two much admired grandchildren who are like 2.

A grandchild with mother

No mother

Sister Rosy with mother

Brother Ian offers Love Hearts to his wife.

Brother Alan – the bride’s father

Cousin Bobby has a quiet moment with son Ben

Good looking people






It is a beautiful English summer day. It has apparently been raining for weeks making the garden lush and beautifully green. Women wear hats and we all have a wonderful time.

“Where did you get that hat? Where did you get that tile?
Isn’t it a nobby one, and just the proper style?
I should like to have one Just the same as that!”
Where’er I go, they shout “Hello! Where did you get that hat?”

As the evening grows late we dance in the warm Summer air.


Hats off  to the Rosy and Barry for hosting such a tremendous event. All of you out there wish every joy to the happy couple Kathleen and Jonathan.

Happy couple

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5 Responses to Marriage a la Mode

  1. zedmac says:

    awwww…how lovely to see all the family…and the BOYS…my, how they’ve grown! And MUMMEEE. And Alan. And Ian and. Oh golly, memories. xxxx

  2. Golly as you say. Did you spot Emma fist in mouth?

  3. zedmac says:

    what….not with the grandchild??

  4. zedmac says:

    oh, she’s gorgeous…as is the child. Can she still do it?

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