Should I Stay or Should I Go ?

03 Should I Stay or Should I Go

So I live in an incredible apartment, loads of space, great kitchen, incredible views, great neighbors but is it a little too American? The style of apartment caters expressly for the US population of Okinawa. I am in Japan and I occasionally hunger for something more er Japanese.

Wind back a year or so. On my drive to work along the sea, I notice a house being built on the edge of the beach and I thought, “Hmmmm, that would be an incredible place to live.” Lo, this house is now rentable and I went to visit it today.

The style is blockhouse

Living bit. The furniture would go.

The place has never been lived in. The owner’s son refuses to move school and so the family is stuck in Naha for a few years.

Tatami dining place


View from the bath

The deck

View from deck

Huge roof terrace. Plenty of room to strip the willow.

View from the roof terrace

There is an upstairs bedroom with terrace  and this thing.

Sleeping space with port hole in the roof kinda of the second bedroom

Kitchen – no oven.

Amazing indoor courtyard that I could fill with flowers and vines.

View from main room. Swim every morning.

So, I feel I should go for this place. It is cheaper than where I live now. Mind you, I imagine there are others interested. There is also the associated hassle of moving and the fact that Japanese houses have little wall space for furniture. I would have to shed some furniture weight. Probably no bad thing.

What do you think?

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9 Responses to Should I Stay or Should I Go ?

  1. Rosemary says:

    just go. stop havering . XXX

  2. Rosemary Mulady says:

    Have you done it? If not it looks so good that …well perhaps there is a sewage works next door? If not I would grab it & store your furniture that won’t fit. Go for it.

    Sorry to hear about the jet lag, I find the only way to cope with it is to eat little and very often until the body accepts where it is. Best one I ever had was coming back from Beijing, having been in Tokyo for 3/4 days then Bejers for a week. Early (very) morning flight to Hong Kong, a day there inter flight there then off to Abu Dabiin the evening but someone had a heart attack after an aborted take off due to inboard computer being a nuisance, eventually took off. Then Abu for a couple of hours for refueling. Then sit on plane for hours as the inboard computer now gave up altogether,then off load and into the transit lounge again which we had already sucked dry of all interest there being nothing there. Abu Dab for 8hrs while they fetched a new one from ??? then on to London, then onto the Manchester shuttle and another aborted take off – more birds. At which point a wail went up from several points in the cabin, you could see from whence they came due to the small spiral of flies above each of us who had been ‘flying’ for more than 48hrs. Eventually got home 1/2 hr before the kids landed us having shipped them up to The Gran. We got stuck at Abu Dabbi time zone. All we could think was that seeing to sun come up reset us from being 12 hrs shifted to about 3. It was quite nice we could go to bed after we fed the kids their tea.

    Go get the house. We are off to SofF for a look after by one of our friends, should be good.


  3. Anne Duncan says:

    You love cooking all sorts of dishes !
    Kitchen looks on the small side…but everything else is FAB.
    Go for it
    Anne & Bobby

    • Yo
      I am going, signed today. Why are you so angry?
      “hope that all those iPhone users who so cruelly mocked it when they saw it remember that moment and eat their Appley laughs. Eat them. EAT THEM. OK,”
      “It’s so full of buzzwords, rounded corners, feel good bullshit and patronising crap it’d make me want to shove a Mac up their arse, only a Mac hasn’t got sharp enough corners (though it would make for easy penetration).”

      Are you really like that? It’s just a phone.
      Peace out sister

  4. Ian Calder says:

    Hope it happens, as the place appears to be “chust sublime”, and is presumably on a sheltered shore typhoon-wise.

  5. Alan says:

    Hooray! Glad you’ve signed up for it. Looks fantastic. I wonder if the surrounding architecture is as surreal as your current area? Damn, looks like I’ll have to fit in another trip to Okinawa.

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