I am organizing an exhibition by Inamine sensei, famous Okinawan glass artist.

To make a poster, he gives me a piece.  I need photos and I will use a proper photographer but in the mean time I take the glass-bowl-thing down to a beach to watch the sunset and to see what I can do. September in Okinawa is the best month. Huge clouds, amazing sunsets, sea hot, a little cooler in the evenings. Ok there is a typhoon on its way but we subtropical folks take this in our stride by battening down the hatches and waiting until the storm is o’er.

Bring it on

Zero weather hysteria which now seems to make up a significant volume of international news.

I place the object and set up the camera on a tripod and sit there as the sun goes down. Very silent apart from the sea and scrabbling of hermit crabs. Sometimes I press the button and the crash of the shutter is jolting.

Over the yard arm

Shangri La





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1 Response to Glass

  1. Ian Calder says:

    I should think it would look real purty with a candle inside, but I guess a trip to the beach might be enough risk for a bit. Any progress with No 1 Typhoon View?

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