So I think I mentioned in a previous post that Tigh na Mara has no oven. Japanese don’t do ovens.  I have to have an oven.

I consulted  my learned brother Ian as to which way I should go.  Ian knows more about cooking outside than anyone and possesses an impressive array of exterior cooking things.

Notice umbrella to keep the rain off BBQ. It is London.

This one is really something.

He takes this stuff seriously.

Ian immediately gave advice that carried such conviction that my future instantly appeared brighter. Ian is a doctor and I understand his success.

He said “Cobb.”   He  also made it so that  a big brown- paper-wrapped parcel arrived in my office in Okinawa  today.


I could not sit still all day. I was desperate to get home and try out my new machine.

There is something about cooking outside using wood that has always lit my fire.

Baja California

Death Valley

I finally get home an unpack the beast. My hands are trembling.

I don’t know but there is something about getting something through the mail, wrapped up in brown paper, that you then unwrap stage by stage that is guiltily stimulating.

Ingredients – notice cheap Chilean wine that now is readily available in Okinawa – also recondite Okinawan grass stuff.



I leave it for 1:30 hrs,  during which time I learn tunes on the flute and wonder at the media  frenzy on Hurricane, well not really, just a storm thing, Sandy. You wanna see the effects of a  real typhoon then get on Trans Love Airlines to Okinawa.



Meat perfect, Aubergines perfect, Mushrooms yummy, Potatoes underdone. Maybe cut them into smaller pieces.

Thanks Ian.




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2 Responses to COBB

  1. Ian Calder says:

    I can’t generally be bothered with the frame thing – I like to burn some stuff. The griddle (extra) is worth considering for serious burning.
    Talking of burning, a bit odd really about Sandy – it was the water surge that was the problem I believe, and the burning as a result of the bizarre USA custom of draping their power lines from poles.

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