I hated maths at school. I think this was because of truly awful teachers, the lack of romance and the accepted premise that it was difficult. I regret this now as some of my best friends are good at maths and clearly gain spiritual strength thereby.

Strong juju

Strong juju

Of sines, cosines and house signs, I understand only the latter.

From the extraordinary Okinawa Boot Sales I find Jennette who make signs from bits of wood and shells. I commission her to make a sign for my house that says Tigh na Mara.

Today after several false starts I pick up the sign. Jennette is a military wife or maybe she is a Marine and she exudes goodness. She charges me $5.  I tell her she is nuts, but she is too good.

Jennette with baby girl

Jennette with baby girl

I take it home and hang it on my door. Now people will know the name of my house.

Not the First House in Connaught

Not the First House in Connaught

13 Humours of Ennistymon_The First House in Connaught

Thanks Jennette.

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1 Response to Cosine

  1. Nice sign. I believe I will give her a call. You have a great blog. If you are a Maths phobic, try the Human Calculator Scott Flansburg’s recommendations to release the magic of the number 9.
    Use your fingers to count from 0 to 9 not as we learned from 1 to 10.
    Maths exercise in 3 steps: 1. Take any number from 9 to infinity add them. 2. Take that number and subtract from the original number. 3. Add them again until you get 9.

    Try this with your age, in your head as you drive to work. 😉
    I got the JUJU from your Cosine graphic too! E.

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