Drama and Drunks

This is a search and rescue helicopter

This is a search and rescue helicopter

So, I go fishing as the sun goes down. I had been out earlier and had a huge bite. Obviously a monster fish that I played expertly for some time until the line broke. I suppose it could have been the reef  but lets pretend not. Anyway I get out to the reef and it is quite rough  with big breakers crashing onto the coral. I anchor a bit further out but frankly it is too rough to fish so I head for home.

A bit too choppy to fish.

A bit too choppy to fish.

As I approach the shore I notice there is a police car with lights a flashing in my parking lot. Indeed there are two policemen waiting for me on the beach. Apparently someone phoned in saying there was a kayaker in danger. They stay an hour and are very thorough.

I then go to a party where most of the people are tremendously drunk. We stand around a bonfire but have difficulty hearing ourselves speak because of the search and rescue helicopter clattering up and down scanning the water with searchlights and the thuds of huge, drunk Americans keeling over.

I wonder if  all that fuss was because of me?

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