Peter and Le-Dung

So Peter Ginter is a truly remarkable photographer. Working together with Le-Dung, they are married, they have produced some of the most memorable  photos of our time. They are at OIST to shoot the best ever photos of science in this part of the world. This is demanding as we start at 5:30 to get the early morning light and end at 8:00ish to get gloaming shots. In between it is a very creative process of imagining what places, people, arrangements, accessories, props are needed to produce an image which will stop people dead, no matter what they are doing. This is very demanding. Ten days of this.  They are staying at my place and  we work, eat in the evening and then go to bed before we fall asleep in our plates.

Le-Dung and Peter

Le-Dung and Peter

Peter and I have been doing this in different Labs around the world for at least 18 years. It has always been immense fun. Thanks Peter, thanks Le-Dung.

6:00 this morning - Sunday

6:00 this morning – Sunday

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  1. I am looking forward seeing the pictures of OIST by Peter. Knowing the ones he made at SLAC, they sure will be stunning.

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