Jiggety Jig

*”To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.”

The recognized method to catch squid around here is called jigging. You cast your jig into the sea and jig  it up and down as you reel it in. The squid is a ferocious animal. When it spies your jigging jig, it zooms out and wraps its tentacles around it, becoming horribly entangled in the cruel barbs of the jigging jig.

The Frost is All Over

The Frost is All Over

I love to eat squid and so go out in front of the house as the sun goes down to fish. I have been encouraged by watching this guy reel them in.

The white plastic bag is full of squid.

The white plastic bag is full of squid.

He has given me tips but for some reason I have not caught any. But who cares?

Stand out there as the sun goes down, listen to the sea, cast out your jig, suck beer. It is pretty good.

A jig is also a dance. Listen to these jigs. Maybe I should play them as I fish.

planxty – after the break – 02 – east at glendart – brian o’lynn – pay the reckoning (double jigs).mp3

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