Vade retro satana!

The title of this blog has nothing to do with its content. I am just curious whether a satanistic title will attract hundreds of readers. The readership of the blog seems to depend on the glamour of the title. My most popular blog ever was entitled “Porn and Bagpipes.” It attracted thousands of hits from bagpipers all around the world.

There is definitely a winter in Okinawa. Not like the winters of yore with Good King Wenceslas and lying thick and even, but more of a perhaps I shouldn’t go outside because I will  have to put on a sweater sort of winter.

I think the main ingredient in season change is light. I do not know if you have noticed but there is less light in the evening in winter. Now in Okinawa it gets light around 6:00 am and gets dark around 7:00 pm. The obvious result is that I can catch some desultory squid fishing after I get home.



I don’t catch anything but I absorb tranquility.

Emails should be restricted to 150 characters

Emails should be restricted to 150 characters

A little baby sea snake popped her head out of the water to say “Konichiwa.”

Hello little sea snake

Hello little sea snake

Get back Satan.

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