Time Spent in Reconnoitering is Seldom Wasted

Thus spoke the noble H.W.Tilman. I spend the weekend reconnoitering my recently acquired boat.

Luckily it was a weekend of wonderful weather and messing around on boats in the warm East China Sea is recommended.  Several issues have to be dealt with.

1. Fix the hole in the stern seat.

Yay, no problem as I have struck up a very intimate mime relationship with the man in the local hardware store. I mime repairing fiber glass and he leads me to the perfect kit.

The first layer

The first layer

2. Can I drag the boat up the beach given my most weak hams?

The same guy in the hardware store responds ideally to my theatre of pulling a boat up the beach using rollers. He cuts me 4 x 1 meter length of sewage pipe. I experiment with boat and it works perfectly. Even I, a sexagenarian, can haul the boat out of harms way.

Rollers remind me of youth in Scotland.

Rollers remind me of youth in Scotland.

3. Will the anchor hold the boat?

I row out to the reef  to  set and retrieve  the anchor in different locations and depths.

I learn that coral can very soon chafe through anchor rope. Must buy more chain.

The anchor

The anchor

4. This is the big one. Can I get out of the boat and back into the boat without capsizing it?

I do many drills in the wonderful sun and warm, warm water. Splosh over the side departing from different parts of the boat. Clamber seal-like back on over the stern without ripping off genitalia nor allowing the East China Sea to occupy the boat.  I perfect a rope stirrup that goes around the outboard mounting. By placing one foot into this sling and launching myself low  into the boat I can achieve both goals.



There’s nothing . . . absolutely nothing . . . half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats.


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3 Responses to Time Spent in Reconnoitering is Seldom Wasted

  1. Alan says:

    Hooray, it floats! Now you just need a British Seagull and you’re back in the West Loch in the 60s, full of sound, fury and much blue smoke. You could name it The Maggie as a further act of homage?

    • Ian Calder says:

      Tilman would be delighted. It must be hard to climb in, even with a stirrup. A rigid ladder with broad steps is a great thing. – worth towing your canoe, and climbing into that?

  2. Ah, now there is an idea.

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