Summer in Okinawa is hot. It has been constantly 30 -35 degrees, day and night since the middle of June.

Doesn't really get any cooler at night.

Doesn’t really get any cooler at night.

Notice that the photo above was taken inside. I do not believe in AC. I am writing this with a headscarf on my er head and a towel draped over my torso, without which  the gallons of perspiration that pump out of my body would form a  pool below my chair, in which geckos would paddle. Did you know that geckos are very noisy? In the evening I would listen to loud birdsong in the house and took it to be an accident of echoes. After a while I realized it was not echoes but geckos, who are constant companions, making noise way beyond their weight.

Anyway the best way to keep cool is to get out onto the sea.

Lunch on the boat

Lunch on the boat

When I get back I mix a drink. The very learned Julia gave me a bottle of gin. I fill a Guinness glass with ice and Okinawan limes called Shickuwasa, splash in gin and top off with Schweppes Tonic Water, which can, to my surprise, be bought in a shop just down the road.

Thanks Julia sensei

Thanks Julia sensei



Anything to keep cool.

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1 Response to Shikuwasa

  1. Ian Calder says:

    Can you find Bitters in Okinawa? Pink gin is much cheaper than GandT.

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