What is a Foot?

As I wait for my flight I reflect on my feet. There they are odorless, fungus free, and on display to all in the lounge. I feel no shame being barefooted amongst elegant folks. It was no always so. From the age of 11 or so my feet were a source of shame. They smelt, fungi with Latin names thrived between my toes, a very resilient fungus squatted determinedly under my big toe nails. My feet were nasty,brutish and relatively short. Take my shoes off ? I think not.

Now I am proud of my feet. They smell good, are free of decay and people pay me compliments as they pass by. “Nice feet, friend.” “Bravo! Vous avez des beaux pieds.” “Where did you get your feet? they are like le pied.” Okinawa is a good place for feet. You take your shoes off all the time. You walk a round in the sea. You wear sandals. You spend a lot of time barefooted. I do not think I wash my feet more often than before, it is just that Europe is a bad foot zone.
Big storms at Narita.

Great bar but it is only 10:00am. Even I quail at drinking whiskey so early. What a pity.


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1 Response to What is a Foot?

  1. zedmac says:

    I don’t recognise these feet….

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