So, I thought I was being particularly perceptive in noticing that the manhole covers around these parts are varied and creative.

I blustered about this to colleague, expecting her to be impressed by my insight. Not so, she replied,  ” Duh, well, like, of course-Japan is famous for its manhole covers.”

I am put in my place.

Outside my house

Outside my house

On the road again

On the road again


Bee loud glade

Bee loud glade

Rocky road - a lot of work has gone into this

Rocky road – a lot of work has gone into this



Come on stupid, don't play dumb with me!

Come on stupid, don’t play dumb with me!

So that is just this evening’s catch on the way home.

If you want to grasp the size of the er, like, you know, thing; look at these photos.

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1 Response to Manboobs

  1. Alan says:

    Great, aren’t they! You might like this link as well . The castle and car bits are also fun – even has Okinawan castles so he’s been about a bit. I thought about getting you the book referred to in it but it’s out of stock at present. Maybe for Christmas!

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