Crimea River

Monday started well when at 5:11 in the morning an earthquake er blew, arrived, happened, earthquaked about 100 km Northwest of my bed, in which I was sleeping at the time.  The quake was 6.7 on the Burt Richter scale. This meant that things heaved around seriously for quite a long time.

My bed is about 5 meters above sea level and I thought that, given the bigboyedness of the quake, that here would probably  be an accompanying tsunami. So I got up and looked out of the window. I couldn’t see anything so I went back to bed.

“Magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes off Japanese island of Okinawa!”  Daily Beast

Anyway I went back to sleep. Soon after, a cat jumped on my bed. He was a nice cat, ginger with a white belly, who soon started to purr. I wondered how he had got in but figured that it really did not matter as it was clear he had adopted me. He let me tickle him under the chin and he purred afresh. He laid on his back and I tickled his tummy which resulted in a moment of cat warm human purr everything cosy moment. We both went to sleep.

My cat

My cat

No cat when I woke up, no doors or windows open.

Ham bone

Ham bone


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1 Response to Crimea River

  1. Ian Calder says:

    Golly, well if Orlando turns up again I would move to higher ground for a bit.

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