So I have guests, Carlos, Juna, Kanako and Ryu Ichiro come to stay. This is the best fun. It has been a long time since I have had young children living with me.This is the best fun.

Eat squid

Eat squid

The weather is fantastic. Boating.

Little blue boat

Little blue boat


Blue Boat 2



Kanoko Dai-sensei is a very good cook. Her speciality is octopus.

Freshly pulled from the East China Sea

Freshly pulled from the East China Sea

A huge samurai grasshopper comes to stay on one of the windows. It is about 3 inches long.

Exquisitely interlocking armour

Exquisitely interlocking armour

Kanoko Daisensei also cooks fish

Kanoko Dai-sensei also cooks fish



Ryu Ichiro likes to fight and drink beer. Both children eat like sharks, which I find particularly pleasing. You put a big mess of stewed octopus in front of them and they woof it down with “Ochis” of enjoyment.


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