In the west of Scotland in what is called the summer, the people would move the cattle, sheep and things onto higher ground and would essentially camp out.

Shielings on Jura

Shielings on Jura

The shieling was associated with fun, romance and slightly less rain. I too have decided to move to the shieling.

It is now very hot.

It stays like this until November

It stays like this until November

Magnificent is my house but through a quirk of fate only my bedroom has AC. The owner ran off with the units from the other rooms and I am too much of a cheap skate to buy new ones. Last year I toughed it out and sat in the main room with a towel on the floor under my seat to absorb the liters of sweat that oozed out of me.

After a very hot lunch,

We were all very hot

We were all very hot

I decide to hie me to the shieling, er like the bedroom.

My new home

My new home

It is so comfortable.

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2 Responses to Shieling

  1. calder Ian says:

    A very high temperature. Gosh. We don’t have much coral round here, but is that it next to your new anchor? All I know about coral is that it cuts things to shreds, even chain, though I think chain lasts longer than rope. A length of chain would be an excellent investment – or Dileas may not live up to her billing, but float off to pastures new. Local knowledge may suggest the best plan. Raining here.

  2. Yep that is coral and as you say it is very abrasive. There is a lot of it around these parts, in fact there is only coral. I was so excited by having a new anchor that I had to use it immediately. I have now got 2 meters of chain attached to it and it looks very fine.

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